Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Wonderful Job

  In August of 2010 I started working for a company called Bay City Cargo. What looked like an interesting job when interviewing, turned out to be my dream job when working here. I enjoy my position in the company like I have never enjoyed a job before.

  At Bay City Cargo we sell vintage movie marquee sign letters. They are really cool retro letters that people use for all kinds of things. I've had customers buy them for signs for their business, spell their kid's names, add something funky to their decor, etc. 

  It's so much fun to put together orders for people. I walk in to the warehouse which stores around 10,000 different letters, and go to work spelling any word under the sun for people. Using the many different styles, colors and sizes I can come up with endless combinations of unique signs for people. We also carry antique metal marquee sign letters as well. I like to look at those old letters and image how many eyes have stared up at them over the years. 

  In these days of flat acrylic sign letters and LED marquees, a certain element seems lost to me. When these retro letters are used they bring life to the words, and add character. With the right letters it is almost as entertaining to read the marquee, as it is to watch the movies they advertise.

  You can see what I mean for yourself:


  1. aw shucks. I am sure we can make your work place more trying and miserable. Let me think on it. Mike Hurley